Bennett Beacon Summer 2013


From Our President


As our school year ends we are already preparing for the coming year, with many changes having taken place in the administration. Acting Principal Teena Jackson and Buffalo Promise Neighborhood have been working hard to ensure that Bennett students receive the fine education they deserve.

Your gifts and your dues have made it possible for the Alumni Board to sponsor several scholarships that were presented at Class Day. We also have awarded special grants requested by the Principal and teachers. These grants have provided art supplies; extra materials for new projects; uniforms and trips for students.

Our new dues year has started and we hope everyone will renew. (Our membership year corresponds to the school calendar - September through June). If you have never been a dues paying member before, I encourage you to join. Not only do your dues pay for the cost of the Alumni Beacon, but they support all of the wonderful initiatives that directly benefit our students. With your support, we can continue doing all of the wonderful projects and scholarship programs!

I was able to accompany a group of teachers and students to Attica Correctional Facility last month. This was conducted in conjunction with our Forensic Science classes we are now offering. This trip will be a part of my memory for many years to come. We are offering our students experiences that they would not have without your support. Thank you.

As alumni, you are very important to Bennett and to all that we do. Please remember that our students need mentors—it only takes one hour a week. You can work with a student and help them realize their potential. Contact Jeff Schapiro or Len Katz and get involved with the students!

Have a wonderful summer and we hope to see many of you in the fall.


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Thanks to the 763 alumni who paid membership dues for the last school year. Your financial support has helped our Bennett in so many ways. If you haven’t become a member yet, please consider joining. If you are a loyal membership supporter, please renew your membership today!

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