Bennett Beacon - Summer 2016

From our President

Hello fellow alumni and friends, WE HAVE WON. The Redesign Committee, along with the Alumni Association and many supporters, have SAVED our beloved Bennett High School. I want to personally thank each and everyone of those who helped us.

Bennett has meant a lot to all of us and we made sure our alma mater stayed alive.

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Article Headlines

  • Hail to Thee Our Alma Mater!!!
  • Bennett Memorial Walkway DedicationĀ 
  • Students Have Remarkable Year
  • Alumni Brunch and Annual MeetingĀ 
  • Margaret Lanz Puzio
  • Jeffrey "Ricky" McCarley Award
  • Dress 4 Success Helps Students
  • John Vella Joins Alumni Board
  • Attendance Incentive
  • Most Requently Asked Website Question!