Bennett Beacon Winter 2015

News From Our President

February 9, 2015

I hope your Holidays were safe and wonderful. We have been working very hard to keep our beloved Bennett High open. Marilyn Wittman will give you an update on our progress in this issue

I am very pleased with all of the support our alumni give to the school every day!

Our Mentoring Program connects alumni with current students to help them in their day-to-day pursuits. We also have a group of dedicated alumni who are staffing the College Success Center. They meet with our seniors to help them apply for college, complete scholarship applications and plan for their futures. If you want to help, please call the school! We can always use more volunteers!

Because of your generosity in paying dues and making contributions to our fund at the Community Foundation, we were able to award $3500 in mini-grants to the school. Music equipment, videos for our Forensics program, iPad technology for Algebra classes and an artist in residence are just a few of the exciting programs our teachers have planned.

We are so grateful for your sup- port, so please continue to help us.