Bennett Beacon – Winter 2019


News From Our President

February 4, 2019

Amazing Educational Initiatives Are Happening At Lewis J. Bennett High And We Are Able To Support Them!

My Dear Bennett Alumni:

Happy New Year! It is with extreme pleasure and admiration that I am able to report that our beloved Bennett High School is doing great! Under the leadership of our Principal, Carlos Alvarez, Jr., and the faculty and staff, in conjunction with the Alumni Board and the Redesign Committee, amazing things are happening to return our school to an institute of higher education!

Morale at the school is impressively high and the students are more committed than ever to improving their grades and being in attendance. Because of this, we on the Board want to keep this momentum going. And, there is no better way to do this than to announce that because of your Annual Dues and other contributions, we have awarded over $9000 in Mini Grants.

The Mini-Grant process begins with written proposals from the teachers requesting support for special projects, uniforms, field trips, etc. The completed proposals are reviewed by the principal and voted on by the Board. Many of these grants will provide our students with cultural experiences which sometimes are rare for urban students. Visits to theaters, museums or art galleries, are just a few of the activities your dues and contributions fund. For a list of many of the exciting programs and activities we have been able to sponsor, see Page 3.

No one of us can make all of these things happen alone. It’s through our collective Annual Dues and contributions we make all of this support possible. For these reasons, I ask each of you to please pay your dues and continue to make your donations.