Lee Jones

Lee Jones

Class of 1948

Sport(s): Basketball | Football | Track

Year Inducted: 2007

Lee came to Bennett in his sophomore year from out of town. He played varsity football, basketball and ran track. Lee played football in 1945,’46 and ’47. In 1947 he was the team’s leading rusher and pass receiver. Lee was All-High Honorable mention in football both in 1 946 and 1 947. Lee played varsity basketball in 1946, ’47 and ’48. In 1948 he was the leading rebounder and second highest scorer for his team. Lee was again All-High Honorable mention for basketball.

Lee was on the varsity track teams of 1 946, ’47 and ’48. In his junior year he finished third in the 440 yard run in the All-High meet. In 1 948 Lee was the All-High 440 yard champion in the All-High meet and tied a city record which stood for many years.

After graduation Lee attended Michigan State University, where he competed in varsity track in 1 950, ’51 and 1 952.