Roslyn M. Righetti

Roslyn M. Righetti

Class of

Sport(s): Softball

Year Inducted: 2018

Roslyn M. Righetti grew up in North Buffalo. Even at an early age it was obvious that she was very athletic and could play almost any sport. Her mother saw that there was a lack of organized sports for girls. She started an unofficial
softball team at Shoshone Park. Unbelievably, twentyfive girls showed up.

1970-74 St. Joseph CYO basketball. Her senior year her team won the Diocesan Championship. 1970-74 Righetti attended Bennett High School and wanted to play organized sports. Unfortunately, there were no organized sports for girls. The schools gym teachers contacted other schools that had girls that wanted to play sports.There were no uniforms, coaches, referees or buses. The girls had to provide their own transportation. This was the beginning of the movement toward organized women’s sports.

1974-1976 Righetti played basketball and volleyball at ECC North and South. Her team was Intramural Sports Champions in Flag Football and Floor Hockey. In 1976 she played basketball at Buffalo State. 1974-1986 Righetti played on the Buffalo Softball League; winning the championship in 1987. 1979-1986 She played billiards on the Black Rock Women’s Billiard League. She coached boys 7/8 basketball at Hertel North Park and Carroll Turner.

Righetti is the owner of Preservation Pub and still lives in the Buffalo area. She will surely be remembered as one of the greatest woman athletes to have ever gone to Bennett High School.