Trevor Ruffin

Trevor Ruffin

Class of

Sport(s): Basketball

Year Inducted: 2005

The Bennett Sports Hall Of Fame Committee was pleased to select a high achiever in Bennett sports history, Trevor Ruffin, to receive the first annual award named after another high achiever in Bennett history, Earle Hannel.

Trevor was the outstanding basketball player of his era at Bennett. Trevor was the “Main Man” in the Tigers undefeated 1987 Yale Cup champion squad that went on to play at the N.Y.S. high school championship tournament at Glens Falls, NY. Trevor went on to set two amazing basketball records one magical February afternoon at Seneca V.H.S. By games end, Trevor had recorded 76 points, including 12 three point shots. Both were W.N.Y. schoolboy records at the time. The Tigers set a team record for most three point shots, 12, and all were scored by Trev.

Following his high school career, Trevor played a year at the junior college level before earning a basketball scholarship to the University of Hawaii. Trevor led Hawaii to become a big time power in NCAA college basketball. Following his remarkable career at Hawaii, Trevor played pro basketball in the NBA, primarily with the Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76ers. Trevor also played pro basketball overseas. Currently, Trev has signed a contract with the Buffalo franchise in the new pro basketball league to commence this season.

Good luck Trevor Ruffin.