Sports Hall of Fame

Induction Criteria

Every year, the Bennett Alumni Association proudly celebrates the achievements of its most remarkable athletes through the Sports Hall of Fame. Thousands of Bennett students have donned the school colors and competed with dedication, but a select few stand out for their exceptional athletic careers.

The Bennett Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony and Reception serves as a platform to honor these individuals. High school athletes are nominated, their accomplishments meticulously reviewed, and those chosen by the dedicated Sports Hall of Fame Committee receive an invitation to this prestigious ceremony. Once inducted, they become permanently enshrined in the Sports Hall of Fame Chronicle, forever recognized as representatives of the pinnacle of Bennett athletics.

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T. J. Blackmon

Class of 1986
Inducted in: 2019

Talbot Freeland

Class of 1959
Inducted in: 2005

Teresa M Friol

Class of 1981
Inducted in: 2007

Class of 1953
Inducted in: 2013

Thomas McClain

Class of 1964
Inducted in: 2013

Tom Cechini

Class of 1956
Inducted in: 2016

Tom Jost

Class of
Inducted in: 2018

Tom Smith

Class of 1955
Inducted in: 2004

Trevor Ruffin

Class of
Inducted in: 2005

Troy Chambers

Class of 1994
Inducted in: 2010

Class of 1991
Inducted in: 2013

Victor Sorrento

Class of 1982
Inducted in: 2016

Vince Cechini

Class of 1954
Inducted in: 2004

Vincent VJ McCarthy

Class of 1979
Inducted in: 2007

Vincent McCarthy

Class of
Inducted in: 2009

Virginia Kuhlmann

Class of 1973
Inducted in: 2014

Vory Billups

Class of 1984
Inducted in: 2007

Walter Valley

Class of 1980
Inducted in: 2008

Class of 1949
Inducted in: 2010

William Blackford

Class of 1987
Inducted in: 2005

William Harty

Class of 1935
Inducted in: 2011