Aaron Young

Aaron Young

Class of 1991

Sport(s): Football | Track

Year Inducted: 2016

Aaron Young was All High in football as a middle line backer from 1989-1991. and also All High in track as a shot putter from 1990-91. Young has many fond memories from his years at Bennett. He relates that he was 14 years old and very immature when he first attended Bennett. Bennett helped him grow as a person and taught him to be responsible for his actions.

Mrs. Carr, his English teacher at Bennett made Young realize that with dedication and hard work he could achieve anything that he wanted. Mrs. Carr helped him become the upstanding citizen he is today. Legendary coaches Larry Veronica and Jerry Berkman taught Young that he could be successful both on and off the football field.

Young has been a Buffalo policemen since 1998. After 13 years he was promoted to being a police lieutenant Two years ago he was promoted to the position of Buffalo police chief.

For the past 8 years Young has been offensive line coach for the Bennett football team. He related that he wanted to give back to the school (Bennett) that had given him so much.