Anthony “Tony” Cipolla

Anthony “Tony” Cipolla

Class of 1954

Sport(s): Baseball | Basketball

Year Inducted: 2011

Tony Cipolla started his high school athletic career at Technical H.S. At the start of his junior year he transferred to his neighborhood school, Bennett. Tony continued his athletic career at Bennett playing varsity basketball and baseball for the Tigers. As a sophomore, Tony was third team All-High in basketball at Technical. In his two varsity years at Bennett, Tony was “Honorable Mention” as a guard, and first team All-High in his senior year. Tony’s 14 ppg scoring average helped lead Bennett to the “Yale Cup” in 1953.

Tony also excelled in varsity baseball during years 2,3 and 4, leading the Tigers to play in the “Cornell Cup” championship game at Offerman stadium in 1954, a close, hard fought loss for the Tiger nine. Cipolla’s baseball skills were good enough to land him a full scholarship to Michigan State University. Tony played two years of baseball and basketball at MSU, and finished with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1959.

Tony Cipolla is now retired after a 34 year career working for “Allied Signal Corporation”. His long career in management took him to many states across our country. Tony and his wife Patricia now live in retirement in Naples, FL. The Cipolla’s have two children. Daughter Lisa (Hazelton) is in med school, and son Tony Jr. has recently finished with the U.S. military service.