Arthur Faturos

Arthur Faturos

Class of 1956

Sport(s): Baseball | Tennis

Year Inducted: 2004

Arthur had an outstanding tennis career at Bennett. He was All-High and undefeated for three straight years,winning 33 straight matches. He played first doubles during his sophomore and junior year, and second singles his senior year.

Bennett won the city tennis championship in both 1 955 and 1 956. Arthur was also an outstanding baseball player as a youngster, and could have had an equally outstanding career in that sport if he had continued to play. However, tennis was his first love.

He received his pharmacy degree from the University of Buffalo, but didn’t play tennis in college due to personal and work commitments. However, he won five City of Buffalo doubles titles, four with his twin brother, Jim, and one with Jack Sunderland.

Some local experts felt that Arthur and Jim would have been ranked nationally if they had been given the opportunity to travel and play against the best players in the country. Regardless, they are regarded as one of the finest doubles teams to have ever competed in Western New York.