Bobby Higgs

Bobby Higgs

Class of 1972

Sport(s): Cross Country | Track

Year Inducted: 2006

Robert “Bobby” Higgs was one of the most prolific runners to perform in Western New York in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. His Bennett cross-country career began in the Fall of 1969, his Sophomore year, and steadily improved on an annual basis. In his Junior year he was All-High (finishing 3rd overall) and in his Senior year he was All-High as the #1 Cross-Country runner in the City.

As impressive as his Cross-Country skills were, he excelled even more for Bennett in the Scalp and Blade track competition. In the Spring of 1969, Bobby was the only Freshman to start on the varsity track team, running what would become his trade mark 880 in every meet that year. In his Senior year (1972), the All-High track meet was cancelled because of gang fights, but All-High medals were awarded to the athletes that had the best times in each event during the regular season meet schedule. Bobby received the most medals (4) of any athlete in the City, for the 880, mile, two mile and two mile relay. He won every race in every event he competed that year. In a unique coaching strategy in his Senior year, Bobby ran the 440, mile and two mile races only one time during the regular season, when he was paired against the best runners in those events in order to “steal” first place points in tight contests. He beat the runners every time in their specialty events. He culminated his stellar career by representing Section VI at the State meet in New York City, in the 880.

Bobby is a well-respected Board of Education employee at City Honors School and admired by the City Honors family, who because of his humble ways have known little about his prior athletic prowess … until now!