Daniel A Goldie

Daniel A Goldie

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Year Inducted: 2018

Daniel A. Goldie had a storied sports career at Bennett High School. He was All High in baseball in 1984/1985 and 1985/86 and was honorable mention All WNY when he hit 3 home runs in one game. In ice hockey, he was All High in
1983/84 and 1984/85 and in football in 1985/86. At Buffalo State, he excelled in hockey all 4 years and was all conference three years. He played pro hockey for two years in Germany and one year for the Erie Panthers who were affiliated with the Los Angeles Kings.

It really isn’t surprising that he had an outstanding athletic career. As a youngster, he would play different sports with his friends. At Bennett he had great camaraderie with all of the athletes and a great school spirit that helped him play at a high level.

Goldie was noted for his mental toughness, being level headed, disciplined and a fierce drive to succeed. He said, “No matter what the sport was, I hated to lose. That was my mindset. He also gave a great amount of credit for his success to Bennett coaches Larry Veronica, Jerry Berkman and John Vella. “They were always helpful and were great friends and mentors.”

Goldie said, “I made friends at Bennett that I am still close to and who I will always have great memories of. When I was notified that I was being inducted into the Bennett Sports Hall of Fame I was deeply humbled and thankful for this great honor.”

Daniel A Goldie kicking football