Gerald Rosenbaum

Gerald Rosenbaum

Class of 1951

Sport(s): Baseball

Year Inducted: 2016

Gerald Rosenbaum, affectionately known as “Kelly”, had a standout baseball career at Bennett and UB. He played from 1949-1951 at Bennett and from 1953-1956 at UB. In 1951 “Kelly” was All High as an outfielder. At UB he still holds the all time record for most runs batted in in a single inning; a mind boggling total of six in 1955. He served in the army from 1956-58 and was stationed in North Korea.

As great as his high school and collegiate records were his career as a coach in the Buffalo school system was exemplary. “Kelly” was a Physical Education teacher for many years at Lafayette High School . He coached football and baseball for 35 years. He also coached track, basketball and swimming for short periods of time. His baseball teams won Cornell Cup Championships in 1964, 1975, 1978-1981, and 1983. In addition, he was a Health Teacher in night school at Bennett from1962-1987. In racquetball, he was ranked 6th in the WNY B Racquetball League in 1978 and 1979.

“Kelly” is also a member of the Harvard Cup Football Hall of Fame, Lafayette High School Wall of Fame and the Jewish Center Wall of Fame. In 1977 he was named WNY Football Coach of the Year. “Kelly” and his wife Linda have two daughters named Jill and Wendy and four grand sons.