Hassan J King

Hassan J King

Class of

Sport(s): Cross Country | Track

Year Inducted: 2018

Hassan J King had an outstanding sports and academic career at Bennett. His accomplishments are legendary. He was All High in Cross Country in 1988-89 and on the relay teams the same year. Due to his leadership qualities he was team captain in track in 1988-89 and in cross county in 1989.

Other awards that he attained was being All Western New York in Cross Country in 1988 and 1989, winning the Bennett High School Junior of the Year Award in 1988-89, and the Bennett High School Student of the Year Award in 1989-90.

His record in academics was equally impressive. He was captain and top scorer on the Mathematics team in 1989, National Honor Society President in 1989-90 and Senior Class Vice President in 1989. After graduating from Bennett in 1990 he attended the United States Military Academy, West point and Canisus College. He joined the US Navy in 1990 and served eight years as a translator and intelligence analyst.

Hassan said, “When I received notice that I was going to be inducted into the Bennett Sports Hall of Fame I was in disbelief that I was receiving this prestigious award. I will alway cherish the relationships that I had with my team mates and teachers at Bennett.”