Jack Harbnayer

Jack Hartmayer

Class of 1943

Sport(s): Baseball | Football

Year Inducted: 2005

Jack was a two year starter on the Harvard Cup football championship teams of 1940 and 1941. He was a unanimous selection on the All-High first team in 1941, and was Honorable Mention in 1940. Jack played left end. During the 1941 Harvard Cup championship game, Jack blocked a Technical H.S. field goal attempt, which helped Bennett obtain a share of the Harvard Cup. The game ended in a scoreless tie.

Jack was a first baseman on the varsity baseball team, and was known as a good hitter. Jack hit one of the longest home runs ever seen at Houghton Park.

Upon retirement, Fred Braun talked about Jack in an article about his very best athletes. Jack was referred to as “a great end.”

Jack served in the army during WWII, and later became a police officer in Buffalo, NY. He spent the last 18 years of his 31 year career in the police department as a detective. Jack was also a member of the department’s drill team before he retired in 1981. Jack was recognized on several occasions for outstanding police work.