Jeffrey “Rick’ Mccarley

Jeffrey “Rick’ Mccarley

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Sport(s): Basketball | Football | Track

Year Inducted: 2014

Jeffrey “Rick” McCarley was a three sport performer at Bennett in the early 60’s. Participating in football, basketball and track, Ricky enters into the Bennett Sports Hall Of Fame as a first team All-High member of both The Buffalo Evening News and the Courier Express 1962 basketball teams. His sterling play at point guard on the hardwood was instrumental at earning All-High honors at that position. As captain of the Bennett team, McCarley possessed quickness, dazzling ball handling skills and scored a team leading 16 points per game average. He was the unquestioned leader of the 9 wins, 2 losses Tiger team in his senior year. His play enabled Bennett to finish among the top schools in pursuit of the Yale Cup.

Rick’s court savvy enabled him to continue to play at the collegiate level after graduating from Bennett. Rick matriculated at Kentucky State University, and had the privilege to play under revered and legendary head coach, Hall of Famer John McClendon Jr. Among the numerous accolades McClendon received were, the first coach to defeat a U.S. Olympic squad with an amateur team, the first African American coach on the professional level, the first coach to win three national championships. McCarley, playing under such a prestigious and caring mentor, helped him form the values that led to a successful life after basketball. McCarley continued to play locally following his collegiate days, including stints on championship teams in MUNY, YMCA and Masten Boys Club squads.

McCarley taught physical education for 32 years at school #53 in Buffalo. Rick and his wife of 48 years, Hattie, raised three children. The McCarley family were also blessed with six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Ricky will be long remembered as a positive influence over countless people that were fortunate enough to know him.