Kisha West

Kisha West

Class of 1982

Sport(s): Track

Year Inducted: 2006

Came to Bennett as a freshman in 1978 and “hit the ground running”, literally. Kisha became a sprinter in the 1979 champion girls track squad, running the 1OOm, 200m and 400m relay. The 1979 relay team was all-high, all WNY, winning the section VI championship. The relay team advanced to the state meet at West Point where they finished 5th in NY State with a time of 48.5 sec. In her sophomore year, Kisha was all-high in the 200m (26.2 sec.), 400m relay (50.2 sec.) and a new event for her, the long jump(16’1 O”). As a junior, Kisha earned all-highs # 5,6,7,and 8, in the 1 00m(11 .48 sec.), 200m (26.2 sec.), 400m relay(51.1 sec.) and the long jump, with a city record distance of 1 7’5″. In her senior year, Kisha continued piling up all- high # 9, 10, 11 and 1 2, adding yet another event, the 11 Om high hurdles, in a city record of 14.9 sec. The other all-high events in 1982 were the 1 00m, 400m relay and long jump. Kisha returned to the NYS meet at Cornell U. in the 11 Om high hurdles, finishing 4th in NYS. Kisha also finished in the top 5 in WNY in five different events in 1982.

Career summary, 12 all-highs in five different events, all WNY twice, two appearances in state meets, city records in the 400m relay, long jump and 11 Om high hurdles. Oh yes, and a track scholarship to the University of Hawaii.